Monday, October 15, 2012

More thoughts from the pool, and one big silent scream

Last week I sent Richard, Marty, and Luis an email that contained info from a site I read.  A man had found a scorpion in his pool.  Hours later he fished it out and the scorpion was still alive and stung him.   Richard came in from the pool yesterday and asked me something about whether I was clairvoyant.  He had found a scorpion in the pool, fished it out, and squashed it with a brick.

Today I checked the pool over before getting in,  NO, NO, NO, SOMEONE HELP ME! PLEASE DON'T LET IT BE, IT IS!  CRAP!!!!!!!!! this was all running in my head.  No one was home, no point in carrying on out loud.  I have a scorpion to kill that is four feet deep.  I got the pool net, scooped up the scorpion, put the net down next to a brick, grabbed the brick, and pounded the scorpion. 

I then got in the pool and did my exercises.  Richard is spraying the perimeter of the pool this afternoon. 

After being on major alert as I walked, I calmed down and had some thoughts.

Most importantly, I don't see me getting into the pool at night ever again without the pool lights on.

They have never had a scorpion issue, why now?

Marty is in the Bay Area on business  Why can't I sleep when Marty is gone?  He has traveled since the first week we were married.  45 years later, still restless without him beside me.

Why does one part of the hair on your head grow faster than the rest on your head?  Sides and top look great, the back is long and flat.  I have a week to go before the next trim.

 I mostly thought about a recent blog by our son, Erik.  The story took place before cell phones.  It reminded me of the time of no cell phones or GPS.  Marty and I were going to Sacramento from the Bay Area.  We had to drive both cars up. He had people in his car and I had my sister in my car.  We are going to follow Marty. 

I knew how to get to Sacramento, but not which exit for Old Sacramento.  Marty said follow me, you will take the first exit into Sacramento.  And he was gone.  Never saw him again on the way up.  I am in a panic.  No map, no idea, where to go. 

I took the first exit that said Sacramento.  Wrong, I ended up on a dead end road on the river's levee.  I am screaming, cursing, and scared.  Maryann is not in much better shape.  Her agoraphobic little sister is in full melt down.

No way to contact the soon to be killed husband.  No idea where we are.  We back track, and get back on I 80 and after several tries find Old Sacramento.  Everyone is standing on a corner, ticked off because they had to wait for us.  No one could understand why we were upset.  A cell phone and a GPS would have made that trip much easier. 

The sad part of this tale, that is not the only time he said follow me and disappeared.  I need to think about that.

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