Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And we are back to complaining

Yesterday we got the clearance from the Historical Society to put up the Direct TV dish.  I immediately called for an appointment.  Talked to two people, both very helpful.  I was given an appointment for Thurs, January 10 with a window of 12 -4.  I was doing my happy dance.  We were finally going to have TV.  We could watch what we wanted when we wanted.  I sent Marty a text that we had an appointment.

Marty came home and popped my happiness balloon.  He was called at 4:00 by the robot telling him his appointment is MONDAY, January 14 window 8-12.  What the Hell?   Where did my Thursday appointment go? 

I called the direct line they gave Marty, they lied.  It was not direct, I had to talk to the robot and punch buttons.  Finally a human, Jessica, I ended up liking the robot better.  Jessica kept repeating my appointment info on Monday.  Anytime I tried to tell her I had a Thursday appointment, she said no I didn't, they have no record of me talking to the appointment people, I only talked to someone who would have the robot call.  I asked to speak to the supervisor, no.  She would relay my questions and then she put me on hold.  We all know she counted to 100, and then made up her story.  She never would let me finish a sentence. 

I was at stroke level.  I love Direct TV, we have been customers since 1996.  Never have we had this kind of grief.  Now I want to ruin the company, but I still want my dish.  We get East Coast feed, we were grandfathered in by Congress years and years ago.  I do not want to have that end.

I thought about the trouble we had getting the installer to show up last week, he didn't. They never called he was running late.  We kept calling and they said they would have the installer call us. Did not happen.  They sent another tech, 4 hours later.  Then the Historical Society mess.  Now they canceled my appointment and made one for later.  And told me to take it or leave it.  Basically she called me a liar by saying I never called yesterday.  I do have a witness, I was on speaker phone when I talked to them.  Not nice, not good customer service.

So I went on the website, found the Vice President of Customer Care, and sent a long detailed message to her.  We will see if anything comes of that.  

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