Saturday, January 12, 2013

Last night was wonderful . . .

Get your mind out of the gutter.  I WATCHED TV last night!  Finally the installation of the satellite dish happened.  It did not go well, as I again dealt with idiots at customer service.  But we will forget that badness and focus on the good.

The Direct TV installer was in the second window they gave me, yes a little mix up again. He made the window by 10 minutes.  He called 25 minutes out, as requested, so Landlord Joe would be here.  He worked for over three hours pulling old wires, putting the dish up, putting in all new wires, and then showing me how to work all the new equipment.  A very nice young man. 

I taught the installer something about channels offered that he didn't know.  We have East Coast feed for the 4 major networks.  I can watch everything 3 hours before programs are shown in PST.  I also have Southern California feed, so if there is a ballgame etc. preempting a show, it might be on in LA.  He said in 6 years of installation, he had never seen that offered.  I told him we were grandfathered in by Congress in the 90's.  (a long story in the history of airwaves in America)

I have On Demand now.  We watched one of the Top Chefs we had missed. Tonight we will watch one more, and then we are caught up on Top Chef. We can record 5 shows at one time.  If we want to watch a real time show, we can record 4 and watch one live.  Last night and this morning I set up my season passes to record.  And the boxes are so tiny now for the extra TVs.  They aren't much bigger than a slice of bread.  The main box is about the same as before.

This TV addict is a happy happy girl.

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