Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Update on the installation of the dish

This morning I explained about the satellite dish installation  appointment craziness.  It just got better.  Marty called me at noon to tell me the latest on our appointment.  He went into our account on the Direct TV web site.  Guess what, an appointment for a Thursday installation was listed.  I told you I made an appointment for Thursday.  Nothing was listed for Monday.  He called to confirm Thursday and they did not understand how the appointment got there.  Our installation is Monday. They have no openings until Monday.  They do not have an appointment with us on Thursday.  Monday, Monday, Monday is when they are coming.

And then, miraculously a cancelation on Friday popped up as he talked to them.  Now the installation is Friday.  We can't wait to see:
  1. If someone shows up on Thursday
  2. If anyone shows up on Friday
  3. If someone shows up on Monday
  4. No one shows up any of the above days, because they are as confused as we are.
  5. If someone shows up all three days.


Erik Appel said...

My vote is for all three days.

Sue T. said...

If they don't come on Friday, you're welcome to watch "Downton Abbey" over here again!