Friday, January 25, 2013

Wedding Couples From Around The World

Wednesday was again a slow day, only 3 weddings all afternoon.  But they were all three stand outs.  All the couples were tall and very good looking.  All the brides were dressed beautifully.  And one or both of the couples had been born outside the United States. 

The first couple was from Nigeria.  I looked at the names, and I could pronounce one for sure, the groom, Nosa.  The bride’s name I just knew I would get it wrong, and I did.  It was spelled Ojochide and pronounced  O-jo-chee-day, all long vowels.  I called the name Nosa and a gorgeous man in a traditional Nigerian outfit stood up and said here.  The bride stood up beside him.  I commented on how gorgeous the two of them looked and another man walked up and said, “I am the husband.”  Oops.  We all laughed and went upstairs for the ceremony.  The bride was in a black cap sleeve dress that hit just above the knees.  Her shoes were platform heels in red suede.  Her hair was in braids that were pulled into an updo.   Stunning woman.  The husband was casually dressed in black and red also.  They were a fun group.  Lots of laughter and good feeling in the room.

I was standing at the Deli counter talking to the manager and a man comes up to buy.  I step out of the way and notice he is carrying a marriage license. I asked if they were marrying today and he said yes.  I told him I would see him in a few minutes.  The bride wore a sliver knit dress.  The top had almost puff sleeves and was loose to the waist.  The skirt was straight.  On her feet, Christian Louboutin high heeled booties in silver and black.  She was so excited and emotional, she kept saying we are married, I am Mrs. ________. She called a friend as we were going back downstairs and said, “You are talking to Mrs. _______.  He was very warm and loving to her, and to her frail grandmother.  He was Greek and she was from Bosnia. 

Our last couple was from Uganda.  She wore  a strapless red and black patterned chiffon dress.  Over it she wore a little white statin jacket, more like a shrug.  He was all in black.  This woman was beautiful.  When they faced each other during their vows I almost stopped in surprise.  Her profile looked so much like the classic bust of Nefertiti.

A slow day, but a nice day.  Loving gentle people.  People who were serious about their vows, and understood the importance of marriage.

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