Thursday, January 3, 2013

What else can go wrong? Or do I want to know?

Remember the Internet installer that didn't show up?  They sent someone else, and the job was finished 11 hours after they said they it would be done.  Today was Direct TV's turn.  They blew it also.  Window was 12-4.  No calls, no installer.  Marty called around 3:30 to see what was going on.  Oh yes, the installer will call you.

At 4:05 Marty calls to see why no one called or showed up.  They didn't know what had happened.  they would have the installer call us.  Well, they sent some one else who was not scheduled to do our install.  He showed up around 5:00.  Not bad considering he wasn't supposed to do our job. Landlord Joe met with him and HE DECIDED they couldn't put up a dish.  There are three freaking dishes on our back porch roof.  That is where we need to put the dish.  Joe wants to check with the Historical Society before letting us put the dish up.

Why the hell didn't he check when we gave him the time of the appointment a week and a half ago????

Now we have to wait for a decision.  Then we have to  reschedule our appointment for an appointment IF they let us put up the dish. I have missed TOP CHEF my favorite, Jeopardy,  and other shows.  We will miss Downton Abbey Sunday and that really ticks me off. 

If I have to use Comcast I will sh*t little green ice cream balls.

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Anonymous said...

I don't really like Top Chef, Ms. Janjet, but the little green ice cream balls trick? That I'd watch. :)

Seriously, sorry you're having all these troubles. Our dishwasher was supposed to be installed between 7:30 and 9:30. He got here at 3:45.