Monday, January 21, 2013


Sunday Marty and I went to the first day of the Fancy Food Show.  There were close to 2000 vendors from around the world.  There was everything you can think of connected to food.  From lunch boxes to foie gras.  We tasted, drank, touched, smelled food products and we walked miles.  I took 45 pictures on Sunday.  I have edited them down to less than 20.  I wish you could taste the foods.  Some I loved, some I spit into my napkins.  Marty liked foods I hated.  He disliked some I liked.  Food is very personal. 


We arrive.


This company has a really good Bar B Q sauce. They have other good sauces.

 IMG_3120We really love these knives.  We bought three a couple of years ago.


Just to show the rows and rows of vendors. And this is just one hall.  There are two more that we did today, Monday.

IMG_3127      IMG_3128

Salt was a huge item this year:  truffle salt, beer salt, salt from Alaska’s seas, from the Himalayas, sea salt from the Pacific and the Atlantic.  They are cooking veggies on blocks of salt set on an electric griddle.  They pour olive oil on it and then put the veggies on to grill.  I want my own block of salt. My brother said it sounded like a cattle salt lick.  That takes the glamour out of it.


I got excited, they were doing tasting of caviar.  Well, it was fish roe, lumpfish etc. not real caviar.  Bummer.


She was cooking tiny chocolate pancakes and chive pancakes.  The chocolate ones were dusted with confectionary sugar.  The chive ones had crème fraiche.  They were the size of silver dollars.


Some booths were really pretty.                                                               


A huge area was just California products.  Olive oils, wines, cheeses, breads, and much more.


Pretty teapots and mugs.  They also had white ramekins.


We loved this company.  The cola taste is as good as Coke or Pepsi, and I am picky on colas. The fruit drinks were very tasty.

Now at this point it is past noon, we have walked our legs off.  We need something potent.


And he came to our rescue.  Wine, lovely wine.  We perked up and pushed on for several more hours.

That is just a little bit of what we saw and tasted.  It was fun, tiring, loud, hot, and wonderful. 

Stay tuned for day 2.


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