Monday, January 14, 2013

Will we ever be done?

We have wireless Internet, we have our Direct TV, we have the big honking refrigerator, we even have garbage cans now.   We can sit down and watch TV at night and not feel we should be unpacking.  The unpacking left is mostly art work, some of Marty’s office stuff, and then we have pictures to hang.  We are slowing down.  I have lost all momentum and desire to arrange one more thing.  I am tired, cranky, and want to sit and do nothing all day. 

Yesterday I was making soup for a friend who is having oral surgery today.  I realized I didn’t like the way I set up the kitchen drawers.  I stopped cooking and rethought what I had done. I had put things I need more too far away from the table and the stove.  I moved stuff, combined stuff, did over a lot of what I did last week.  Will we ever be done? 

Marty has his closet unpacked and clothes hung up.  And we know it will all have to come out because the rod is bending.  A little bracing has to be done. 

Marty's going to the storage unit for art glass, and our silver flatware.  He has the RED BOOK that lists what is in nearly every box.  I really want my silver flatware.  Unfortunately it is in a box with Christmas China.  So he will bring that box, we will unpack it, pull what we want now, repack the box, and take it back to the storage unit.   That is one box of many packed that way.  Many will be carried in, and some will be repacked and stored. 

We are liking the place more each day.  The flat (I am trying out what to call it flat, apartment, duplex) feels homey, comfortable, ours.

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