Thursday, January 17, 2013

My turn to blog about weddings

Wednesday was a slow day at the Marriage Factory, but not as slow as last week.  Last Wednesday, zero weddings.  The clerks were very apologetic that I had come in and there was nothing for me to do.  I told them it was so nice not to be unpacking boxes.   It was nice to rest.  Yesterday there were three couples needing my marriage commissioner services.

The first couple was a young Chinese couple.  His English was perfect.  He was doing all the talking, so I had to check if she really spoke English.  He explained she had gone to high school here and spoke English, but she was nervous.  I talked to her, she clearly understood English.  She asked me to do a ceremony where she didn’t have to speak much, so I did.  We were worried about her nerves, but the groom is the one who was emotional.  He cried during the ceremony.  They were casually dressed, he in jeans and she in a skirt and sweater.  Six months ago they had had a huge cultural wedding.  This was for legalities. 

Couple 2 was older, he was born in 1944 and she in 1946.  This was a do over marriage.  They divorced in 1980.  Some time later they got back together and now wanted to be legal again.  Being older you would thing they would be dressed up, because that is what my generations does for weddings.  Not them.  They had their own look.  She had on a black shirt and black jeans.  The jeans were fabulous:  the back pockets had a sparkly design that continued down the sides.  The groom wore a long black leather trench coat.  I sooo wanted that coat.  They looked great.

The last couple was in their late twenties.  Both were extremely good looking.  He wore a white shirt with a narrow striped knit tie. He had on grey jeans and a grey blazer.  Very preppy looking. He held their 7 month old daughter.  The baby was dressed in a layered pale green tulle dress.  And then we come to the bride.

A little backstory is called for. Marty and I walked through department stores over Christmas.  We saw some really awful dresses.  One ugly cocktail dress in particular stuck in our minds.  It was shades of mottled purple flowers, uneven hem line, Grecian bodice, and a full skirt with a crinoline.  There were several hanging together, they were a hot mess.  I asked Marty who would wear something like that.

Have you guessed who would wear it?  You are correct, our last bride. Have you ever tried on a dress and it looked better on the hanger?  Well this time, the dress looked better on the woman.  The bride was stunning.  She carried lavender roses and it all just tied together.  I would have never dreamed that ugly dress could look so beautiful. 

It felt so good to be back doing weddings.  I am doing a service, but I am also having such a good time.  The best volunteer job ever.

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