Friday, January 30, 2009

Will you be my friend?

Two friends told me I had to join Facebook. A friend asked me to be his friend and join. My sister in law posted pictures on Facebook. I saw no need to join. I think I might be a little bit old for this type of networking. But I couldn't see the pictures unless I joined. So I did, join. Still can't find the pictures. Ann, where did you hide them? I am pretty sure they aren't there. I found other's pictures easily.

This is just what I need, a new excuse to play on the computer for hours. If this keeps up I will need to start wearing my tennis elbow supports. Anyway if you are a Facebook person I am asking you to be my friend. Find me at Janet T. Appel.

1 comment:

Janet Rudolph said...

Cool, I found you right away! I'm your friend!