Saturday, July 18, 2009


The world lost a great journalist yesterday. Walter Cronkite was THE anchorman for America. Every major event for so many years he guided us through. If it was awful, he kept us calm, it it was good he celebrated with us. He was like a loved member of the family. Our trusted uncle who explained options, problems, told it like it was, yet didn't try to scare us to death. He made us feel/understand the truth. When he retired I never felt anyone could replace him, and in my opinion they haven't. Although I will say Tom Brokaw came close.

Today most anchor people are talking heads. They don't seem sincere. They don't seem to care how the news effects us. There are some good ones out there, but the majority seem pretty shallow. They make the news a game: laugh, joke, and so many time go into the fake sadness. They just don't have a realness.

Walter Cronkite you will be sorely missed.

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