Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Monday was a slow day for weddings, only three for me to do. Still I ended up staying late because the last couple checked in at 3:55.

Let's begin with the last couple. A sweet Latino couple. Everyone was dressed up, groom in black and white, and the bride in a long creamy beige satin dress. The best dressed person at this wedding was their toddler daughter. She had on pink Mary Jane slippers, pink socks, and a gorgeous pink satin long dress. This child was beautiful, and very good during the wedding. Sometimes toddlers are trouble during ceremonies. The bride spoke some English and the groom translated for her during the ceremony. Watching her I felt she understood way more than she thought. She just wasn't comfortable to speak English yet. And that was fine, we want our couples to not feel stressed. This was a sweet meaningful ceremony. They were touched and very happy. I am glad that was my last one of the day for a good feeling instead of the one before it.

The couple was in their early 30's,. They had no interest in what I said, they didn't want pictures, they just wanted it all over. They seemed successful and intelligent. Seemed intelligent maybe, but they were just stupid. They told me about their big destination wedding in Mexico. Lots of friends and all the family were there. They took hundreds of pictures, had a great time at the wedding and the reception. I asked why are you getting married again, we recognize out of country marriages. They didn't really know why it wasn't recognized. They had trouble with HR, and other agencies trying to prove they were married.

I asked them if they had a license in Mexico and had they registered the marriage there. NO! They just did a ceremony and no legalities. Stupid.

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