Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Yesterday C brought me a marriage license. It had been sold several days earlier. C just had to add the witness info. I checked it and went out to get the couple. It had not been 2 minutes since they left the counter. I called their names over and over. I checked outside. Many couples stand outside and smoke. No one even in sight. I went back to C and she went to look for them. She knew what they looked like and thought she might spot them up the street. Nothing. She went upstairs to look, in case they headed up without me. Nothing. We spent 15 minutes looking for them. We were afraid they thought they were married. She told the deputy and the information clerk what the groom looked like: yellow corduroy suit. We asked them to watch for the couple. She then gave me the groom's cell number to call.

I called the number, it went into voice mail. I explained they were not married and to please come back. I waited. About 10 minutes later the info clerk came running to me, they were back. I went out to get them. I know I have two licenses almost ready to hit my desk. So I want to get this couple married and on their way.

In the elevator one of the guests asked what floor we were going to. He needs to call one of the guests. It seems a woman and child are in the restroom and will come up later. Can I wait. I nearly lost it. They hide for 30 minutes, come back say they are ready, and they aren't. I said second floor, but I can not wait any longer, we will begin when we get there. So I ask my questions, rings, vows, camera. Guess who had the camera. Bathroom lady.

I could not marry them and they not have pictures. So we waited, and waited. Finally the woman and child arrived and the wedding was done. Now these were nice people, they just were not considerate. They acted as if they were the only wedding we were doing. And I then had trouble getting them out of the room.

But the next wedding lovely. But that is for another day.

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noemi said...

Just goes to show, never trust a guy in a yellow corduroy suit.