Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yesterday was busy at the marriage factory. The morning volunteer is on a cruise, so staff was spread thin. Great happiness when I arrived early.

I did four weddings and then others did 2 Spanish and one Mandarin. Well, I did a Mandarin also, but the bride did the translating for the groom. That is like doing two weddings time wise. He had enough English to know he shouldn't do the ceremony in English. The bride did a great job translating for him, well she could have just been saying keep nodding and look happy. Who knows? They both were in their 40s and each had been married twice. So I have my fingers crossed on this one. Not great odds with their history.

I took a couple up to the clerk who was going to do the wedding in Spanish. As I got on the elevator a man ran up to me and wanted to know, "Are we on your list?" (there is no list ) Then he said, "We want to get married now, why haven't you called for us?" This was said with great attitude. I don't take attitude well. I am not paid, so I don't have to take attitude. But I also am a lovely charming Southern Belle, ( No laughing from friends and family. I am too charming.) and I explained when I had the license I would come get them. I knew their license had just been placed on my desk. But I had to get the Spanish couple upstairs, sometimes we bump couples if translators are needed. We take those clerks when we can get them.

The clerks had told me the bride belonging to the attitude groom had caused a scene by weeping and wailing. They thought it was an act. Usually they are right, but not this time. A big strapping woman, she shouldn't be scared. The bride was at least 6 foot two inches tall and about 250 pounds. She looked fine, except she was gritting her teeth and not remembering how to breathe. She was really really scared. I talked to her, I did my you have 90 days to do this or the rest of your life, we don't start until you are ready. Then the groom or I would tell her to breathe. She was finally ready. They wanted to do their own vows but shy, I told them to whisper to each other. No one had to hear them and so they did. Attitude guy dropped it during the ceremony, he was just concerned about her. And maybe that is why he jumped me. It worked out. Lots of family at this one, lots of pictures, and after the ceremony lots of smiles from the bride.

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