Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today I had a few weddings. Two stand out. One was with a large group and one with one witness.

The large group had a cute couple around 25 years old. They had lots of family, pushy family. When the couple was filling out the application, the bride's mother and others kept butting in. And the mother did not like the bride's choice on her name change. Finally I got the license and took them upstairs. A loud group, a pushy group. When I asked the couple questions, Momma answered, or someone else shouted an answer. The bride looked shell shocked. I finally used my school teaching voice and told everyone, "I am the only one who gets to talk now." They did sort of hush up. I asked if the couple wanted anyone to stand with them. The MOTHER immediately decided she would stand with the couple. I knew the bride didn't want that, and told the bride it was her wedding, who did she want. She finally told her Mother no (Yeah little girl becoming an adult) and picked two friends. I hope this couple lives a good distance from Momma. She is going to try to control them.

And then we have the cute couple with one witness. The witness was so excited to be there, so honored to be included in such an important event. And then there was the couple. Man the love in the room, it just bounced off the walls. The groom was so happy and the bride just glowed. She just lite up the room. The woman was thrilled, happy, beside herself with joy.

Again, this is why I volunteer. Weddings are happy. Weddings are joy. Weddings are wonderful.

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