Saturday, July 4, 2009


Friday we went to the Winchester Mystery House as planned. We hadn't been there in over 20 years. It was a whole new adventure. They now have a huge grab the tourist gift shop, a wonderful garden/outbuildings free tour, and the main tour. Oh my word, the gardens are beautiful! Low Boxwood hedges perfectly trimmed, grass cut with manicure scissors, lovely fountains, and a cool day to enjoy the beauty. The inside paid tour was fun, informative, and long. Sixty five minutes, up and down and around.

When we went before the kitchens were not on the tour, nor the barn and hayloft, the servants quarters and the only shower in the mansion weren't available either. Much more was open to the public and much more information was shared. It was a fascinating look at a mentally ill woman's life.

After the tour we were hot and sweaty. No AC in the house. So we needed food and drink. Hank took us to lunch in Santana Row to a great Mexican restaurant. Margaritas restored us and the food gave us strength to carry on to the next event.

And the next event, Costco. Ann and Hank had never been to a Costco. Louisville just got one and it is a little far (they think) from their house. Californians would be thrilled to have something as close to them. But we are used to driving forever for anything. Hank and Ann were almost shell shocked: the crowds the day before the 4Th, and just all the products available for purchase. The low prices were impressive as were the quality brands. I think we have converts.

Tonight our old neighborhood cookout and fireworks over San Francisco Bay. Please no fog until after the fireworks.

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