Thursday, July 30, 2009


I just realized I have not updated my blog since Sunday. That really isn't like me. I tend to want to write something every day if not twice a day. So let me give you an idea of my week, why I think I just forgot about writing.

First the weddings. So normal as to be boring. Nothing fun to write. No crazy brides or rude parents, just nice people.

Friends, all hell has broken loose in the last week or so. One friend's brother is fighting a very aggressive form of skin cancer, and it does not look good for him. Another friend's mother is also fighting skin cancer. A dear friend just had a biopsy Tuesday and diagnosed with breast cancer. We are waiting to see what her treatment will be. This woman has had lung cancer and several other types of cancer. This is scary.

Family, extended and close. That seems to be going better. All sides are trying harder. My Mother has a hip issue going on for a couple of weeks and is in pain. Papa Jack is having surgery in a couple of weeks.

The economy, well we all are hurting, so this one doesn't count.

And it goes on and on. No more than most people deal with. I just took a week off and didn't know it. I realized to feel better I am cooking good comfort food, not good for you. But food will get you through whatever is going on...

I will try to post on a regular basis in the future. I know how maddening it is to go to a site and there is nothing new.

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