Thursday, July 23, 2009


Wednesday I did 7 weddings, they were all nice, and they all were happy weddings. One or two things stand out. One wedding the bride was thrilled I was marrying them, because she had seen me marry her best friend last summer. And there was the couple who were 18, babies. She was 18 and 21 one days, I did the math to be sure she was old enough. I had married their two witnesses 2 years ago. But the best part: I asked if they had rings to exchange, no they had duplicate tattoos done on their arms, from the elbow down.

I promised to tell you about the lovely wedding on Monday. The bride had on a white strapless satin floor length dress. The bodice had seed pearls on it. She carried a round bouquet of silvery white flowers. The groom had on a gorgeous three piece suit. She was around 6 foot tall and curvy, he was about 6 foot 3 inches tall and built like a brick s*** house. A very handsome couple.

I was told by one of their friends that neither of them spoke English. They were from Bosnia as were all the guests. An older male friend M would translate for them. M was a very suave and debonair gentleman. The type of man who makes all women feel pretty. I thought I just might take my time with this wedding.

I explained the ceremony and we worked out how he would translate. I told him to tell them they could say their vows in their native language. We began, everything is going as planned. The groom says his vows and then it is the bride's turn. She said them all in English, with a huge gotcha smile on her face. Everyone applauded when she finished. The groom grabbed her and kissed the daylights out of her. We all just roared with laughter.

I finally calmed us down and finished the ceremony. The bride was so tickled with herself. She didn't really know English, but had tried hard to do that part of the ceremony. And she is a recent American citizen so maybe she felt the need to be American for the wedding.

It was such a feel good wedding. The whole family was stunned by her surprise. And me, I loved it.

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