Monday, July 6, 2009


Saturday we slept in, had a lazy day, went to the Fourth of July cookout up in the hills, and saw fireworks. Now for the back story.

For the cookout I was bringing deviled eggs. Everyone knows older eggs peel easier. I had planned the eggs and had bought eggs a week or more back. I simmered them, I put them in an ice bath and then time to peel. I had 15 eggs, they all looked like hell. At least the ones that didn't just tear apart. The whites were very thin and when you touched them they tore. Many nasty filthy words later I had 7 eggs that held together. Since I was only taking half of what I had planned, I had to throw a cheese plate together. You don't take 4 people to a potluck and only have food for 3. You make food for 8 to 10.

The party is at the home of an Oakland Hills fire survivor. Also look here. There were around 70 people there and the guests of honors as usual were our local station firefighters. They come in full rig with the truck, ready to leave in an instant. This year we had the honor of them asking to sit with us during dinner. Hill residents consider our fire fighter near gods. I really enjoyed talking to these young men and young woman. Lt. James Stewart (he is usually assigned to our neighborhood) asked for my address, he said he might come see us. We all laughed and and didn't think anything about it. Remember this part, it will be on the test tomorrow.

Fireworks: they happened in near 40 degree (wind chill 40) foggy weather. We had on Northface jackets and nearly froze. Since it was so cold and the fog prevened us seeing anything, we left the party and headed home. We dropped out of the fog half way home and could see the fireworks in several cities. Marty parked, we sat 30 minutes in the warm car and watched the fireworks. Great ones all over the Bay, but as always the illegals in the flats were almost more impressive.

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