Monday, July 20, 2009


Forty years ago today the USA had the first man on the moon. The world watched in wonder. Everyone gathered around a TV. For you young things, there was no Internet to watch. People stood in front of TV stores and watched the sets in the windows. Anywhere they could find a TV people gathered. Again young things not everyone had a TV, and not every bar had a TV. Nearly everyone was glued to a TV set. This was history. Mind boggling history.

I missed it. I have seen all the rerun footage. I was told how wonderful it was to see it live, but I was busy. I was in a delivery room in Covington, KY. I had been there all Saturday night and into late Sunday afternoon. Since I was taking so long and not much was happening, Marty and my doctor went into the physician's lounge and watched the walk. After the walk was over my doctor told Marty, "Let's go deliver that baby." After a shot to speed things up, I delivered the perfect baby boy. He was the first baby born in Northern KY after the moonwalk.

So today is important for many reasons, national and personal.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIK. We love you very much.

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