Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today Marty and I worked the San Francisco AIDS WALK. We worked in the SF AIDS Foundatiion Booth. He has worked 9 years of walks (some years he has walked and not just worked the booth), I have done 8 years. This is an incredible event, wonderful and sad at the same time. After so many years, we are still having to do this fundraiser to help people with this awful disease.

This is close to the beginnning of the walk.
A picture of the stage and audience where entertainment and political people performed. Yes politicians perform.

These are the walkers from the San Francisco AIDS Foundation team.

The stage.

Marty in the booth.

Me in the booth.

More me.

Our Booth. Click on this and you can see lovely me working the booth.

Out of order picture. This is early before many arrived.

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