Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today we played tourist in San Francisco. First we went to a Contemporary Craft show/market. There were beautiful textiles, jewelery, sculptures, glass, wood,ceramics; and some really ugly textiles, jewelery, sculptures, glass, wood, ceramics. We had fun wishing we could afford the 6 handmade greetings cards for $39.00, or the $2500 wood carving. I was all primed to take pictures, and found out no pictures allowed inside the hall. I did take some of sculptures outside.

Remember to click on the pictures if you want them bigger.

These are just fun, and expensive. I would love one in the yard.

We were really tourists. We went to Fisherman's Wharf for lunch. We had In N Out burgers and then walked around.
The news says tourism is down in San Francisco. Yet today the sidewalks were full of people.

We are at the Hyde Street Pier. Lots of old ships restored and being restored. They also have recreated a street from the early 1900's. People are in period dress, women were marching protesting they can't vote, men and women strolling along.

And a Chamber of Commerce Day.

The beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.

The Transamerica Pyramid
The skyline of Oakland, Ca. on the way home.


Marty said...

It was a fun and beautiful day. Loved it all.

kts said...

sounds wonderful! i want to do a day like that soon!