Sunday, March 21, 2010


Back Story: Our nephew plays basketball. Lots of people play basketball, but few as well as Kiel Turpin. Kiel is tall, really tall, 7 feet tall. And he plays college basketball, really well. This is our March Madness story.

You all know about NCAA Basketball Tournament. That is for the 4 year schools. Well, Junior Colleges have as huge a tournament in March also. They have the NJCAA Basketball Tournament. Guess whose nephew went to the Nationals? Right, my sister's grandson, our great nephew, Kiel Turpin. Google Kiel Turpin and there are thousands of sites about him. Not just Facebook either.

Kiel plays for Lincoln College. Kiel did not have a lot of court time in high school. He grew over 6 inches in one year and was learning how to get that fast growing, tall body coordinated. Now he has it under control. And the young man can really play ball.

Last night was the final game in the NJCAA Tournament, and the Lincoln LYNX were playing in it. Marty and I were invited to a dinner party at the time of the game. We were excited and wanted to keep posted on the score since we couldn't watch it on line. When we walked into the party I told our hostess about the game. Then I told her we were going to be rude. We would be checking Facebook on our phones every now and then. A cousin was going to post regular updates for us on Facebook all through the game.

Our hostess understood. Pat and her guests were nice about our excitement. They were listening for the scores throughout the evening. And then the final post: Lincoln won, and Kiel was named MVP. We all cheered for him. This is a great article about him.

As I said, remember the name, Kiel Turpin. You will hear much more about him. And not just from proud Aunt Janet.

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Lisa said...

Thx Aunt Janet - we felt that love all the way in Central Illinios!