Saturday, March 27, 2010


Marty and I tested another recipe for Cook's Country Magazine last night. It was Reduced Fat Stuffed Shells with Meat Sauce. Above is the start of the project. The scale is to weigh the 6 ounces of ground beef. The beef was seasoned with soy sauce and then pulsed in the food processor.
Then diced tomatoes were pulsed.

Marty is getting ready to saute onions and garlic with herbs and spices.

Sauteing onions and ground beef.

I helped some and insisted Marty take my picture to prove I was there. I really do cook.

Tomatoes and other goodies going in. Hot pepper flakes are in the sauce.
Marty is stuffing the shells with the cheese mixture. I would eat this mixture on a cracker it is so rich. But it is really low fat.

Shells on the meat sauce and ready to be topped off and then into the oven.

Last bit before it goes into the oven. We froze the rest of the stuffed shells and meat sauce. In the future we can just pull out the shells and sauce we need and have an easy supper.

The finished product topped with melted Parmesan cheese, a Rubicon 2004 Syrah, tossed salad, and flat bread. The dish is delicious. We will be fixing this again.

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