Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Monday I had to deal again with the Clerk from Hell. Same stuff, refusing to correct her errors, rude and just generally a pill. But she was over shadowed by one wedding party.

I had done several nice weddings. Sweet couples, pretty dresses, and I was enjoying my day. I finished a wedding, came downstairs, and saw a bride in a white dress. Little did I know this was the Wedding Party from Hell, WPfH. They had not been in the building when I went upstairs to the wedding room. THAT is important. They had not been in the building that long. I went to my desk and there was a license on it, as I picked it up the clerk from the information desk came up to me. He had the name of a couple who were complaining because they hadn't been called yet. They SAID they had been waiting a long time. I looked at the license, it is the complaining couple. I then looked at the time on the receipt, 20 minutes ago. At LEAST 10 minutes of that had been at the desk with the clerk selling them their license.

Can you tell they ticked us all off? They had been waiting 10 minutes or less. Some days we have up to an hour back log. Try the DMV and wait two to three hours. Anyway, I checked the license and was in the lobby calling their names in less than 3 minutes. NO RESPONSE! Third call someone came up to me and said they were outside. She went to get them. I went into the back to vent. Went back out asked if all are there, yes. We get on the elevator, the door is closing . . . and one of them stops the door. They need to go feed the meters. We got off, I told them to knock on the door when they were ready, I would be able to see them at the door.

I went again in the back with the clerks and threw a small hissy fit. The couple had complained and twice I have tried to do this wedding. And then the knock on the door, and the knocking goes on and on. I wave to the groom that I see him. And the *+# hole kept knocking and knocking and knocking. Then he went to another clerk to complain about me not running out the door to marry them. Just a little sarcasm there, but he did complain. Do you see another hissy fit coming on? You are correct. Every clerk in the back is amazed at this couple's rudeness/dumbness. I take a deep breath and go out and try again.

We make it upstairs and I am killing them with Southern Sweetness. Just because they are rude, tacky, etc, I won't go to their level. I do the ceremony, sign the license, and ask for the first witness to come sign. Drum roll, please. SHE IS NOT THERE. Never was there, she is at work. And the stock question from the couple, "Does she have to be here? Can't she come sign it later." No, the witness must witness. We will reprint and only use the other witness. I make sure he is there, and threaten his life if he leaves before we redo the signing.

I go into the marriage desk office to vent and throw another hissy fit. Finally everything is re signed, and we get them out the door.

Luckily right after them I had a lovely, funny, sweet couple. They were so much fun, they took away the bad taste of the rudeness/dumbness of the WPfH.

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