Thursday, March 11, 2010


Monday and Tuesday I was fairly busy performing marriage ceremonies. Busy in a clump toward the end of each day. Both days I sat and read for about an hour. Combined I did 9 ceremonies and witnessed one.

There were several weddings with fancy dresses:
One was a long, satin, strapless, pale blue dress. The dress was pretty; but it looked like the bride could have turned around and the dress wouldn't have moved. The bodice was boned and very stiff and it seemed bigger that the bride, yet it stayed up.

Another dress was a knee length white muslin with a black border at the hem. It was strapless and had elastic across the bust. It was a little snug and tried to creep down. And she kept trying to pull it up.

We had the dreaded thin white dress. The bride was maybe a size 4 and the dress was a size 2. Thin and too tight. The dress rolled and bunched over her bikini panties.

And then we have the white strapless mini. The dress was a balloon skirt with asymmetrical tiers of the balloon look. And it was a maternity dress. The bride was 8 months pregnant. Not a good look.

As for the weddings, they were pretty routine. No weirdos this week. Just nice normal couples in love, wanting to get married.

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