Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Location: County building
Job: Preparing marriage licenses

SHE would be the clerk from hell (CFH). This woman has been so sweet working in the rotation. She has helped me, been friendly, we have laughed together. But man when on the marriage desk, she is one sullen . . ., well I won't go there.

Monday she brought me a license. First there was no souvenir marriage certificate. Then I looked at the license. Bride's state/country of birth Africa. Brides' parents state/country of birth Africa and Africa. Groom's address Oakland, VS.

I went to her desk to get her to reprint with corrections. She isn't there, but a couple is sitting there waiting for her. I went looking for her and found her having her lunch. I told her the license needed to be corrected, that Africa is not a country. And she said, "That's what they wanted." I said ,"The state won't take it." And she says, "I'm at lunch, get W to fix it." And walked off. I was ticked big time. One of the supervisors D came up and asked me what was wrong. And I told her all about the mess. She said ask W to help you and stormed off to talk to the CFH.

This did get handled. The couple at the CFH's desk were the ones on the license. She went to lunch with them sitting there. D found out they weren't getting married then, D had to refund them their ceremony money, correct the license, and offer an apology for something not her fault.

The next license from the CFH, no souvenir certificate and again with errors.

How the CFH keeps her job I don't know. She is such a bad representative of Alameda County workers. All the other are trying, working hard, and at least learn from their errors. This woman doesn't give a hoot.

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