Thursday, March 18, 2010


Wednesday I did 7 weddings. The last two hours it was just one wedding after another. We had white dresses, with slips underneath, glory hallelujah.

I had a Muslim couple who were very traditional. He thought long and hard before he would shake hands with me. The bride had the traditional head covering, a sliver and black blouse, and a long gorgeous black skirt. There was a border on the skirt 6 inches deep. It at first looked like embroidery, but it was incredible bead work.

The clerk brought me a license and said, "They're a funny couple." I asked her funny ha ha, strange, what? She said, "Let me know what you think." So I looked at the license, he was 84, she was 64. They had been divorced 23 years and were remarrying. I went out to meet them. He immediately started hitting on me, and she is yelling, "You are marrying me, quit making over her!" Then they all laughed. The witnesses were their two daughters. And the daughters were fussing at their father to behave. He was grossing me out with his sexual comments to me and to the bride. He commented how nice the bride looked and then said, "I've never seen her with clothes on before." No one was taking the ceremony serious except me. They poked fun at the words of the ceremony, laughed crudely, and talked throughout the ceremony. When I pronounced them married, the groping and kissing was embarrassing. And one of the daughters yelled at Daddy to stop. He then yanked on his pants and said, "My pants just want to fall down and let me be ready." EWWWWWWWW.

The clerks and I discussed them after they left. The couple had been so obnoxious at the desk that all of the clerks had been annoyed/bothered hearing the comments. This couple was so loud, crude, and rude. This felt like a marriage for money/a marriage for her to take care of him. Whatever it was, we all were annoyed by them.

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