Sunday, March 14, 2010


Marty's brother sent us an incredible belated Christmas gift. It is a machine to convert a rice cooker or crock pot to a sous vide machine. We finally tried it tonight.

Sous Vide takes way longer than regular cooking. It is supposed to make foods more tender and to enhance flavors.

A steak 7 minutes on the grill. Against 48 minutes by sous vide. Brisket, 12 hours on the grill, 36 sous vide.

The magic machine.

Tonight Marty is seasoning the steaks. They will take 48 minutes, based on their height. Right height, not weight.

The water in the crock pot has reached the magic number. It is a little high for medium rare, but will drop when the steaks are dropped in.

And the second steak is dropped in.

When sous vided, the steaks do not get that crispy browned look. So Marty got out his blow torch and browned them.

As a glass blower he does love flames.

He loves that blow torch.

Here Marty is plating. By the way, I cooked the potatoes and asparagus. He did the steaks and mushroom wine sauce.

And the final product. The steaks were really tender and tasty. As to whether they are any better than grilling, we aren't sure. Sous Vide takes much longer, 7 minutes against 48, is that better? We plan to try chicken and pork chops next. We will continue researching this process for our readers.

That would be a Chimney Rock Cabernet we were drinking.

Stay tuned for pork chops and chicken breasts.

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