Sunday, March 7, 2010


Marty and I have had another lovely weekend. Because the glass furnace has been down and is just now being brought up to temperature, he wasn't working with the hot glass. I am loving having him home on Saturdays. They are just now bringing the furnace back up which takes many days. We have enjoyed sleeping late and doing things together.

This weekend was domestic. Friday we had a good friend to dinner. We had several Safeway Signature appetizers. Really very very good. A romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, and Mandarin orange salad with a Cesar dressing; stuffed baked potatoes; fillets with a mushroom wine sauce; and Red Devil's food cupcakes. All that with a Rubicon Cabernet Franc.

Saturday Marty made a run to put a load in the furnace at the glass studio he works at. Then we had a day to do what we wanted. I did laundry and I read between loads. He worked in the yard. For lunch we had some of the pulled pork from last month. NO, it wasn't hanging out all that time, we froze the meat and the Bar B Que sauce. Oh it was so fine. Better than fine. I do so love pulled pork. For supper I made my world famous chili. It was great.

Today another day of me feeling tired and slow.( I haven't slept well for a couple of weeks) Last night I again did not sleep well. I gave up around 5:00 and went downstairs to read. I thought a book ( which I don't like) would put me to sleep. No. I never did get a nap today. I tried, it just wasn't happening.

We watched all the Academy Award stuff today. As it started I heard a POP! Marty had opened Champagne. The only way to watch the Academy Awards. Well, the only thing to drink with any show. We watched East Coast feed. That way we watched Barbara WAWA before the big show, and watched the red carpet boring stuff before it was shown on the West Coast. That way we could cut out the commercials and the boring/dumb stuff. I do love our DVR. I had added 30 minutes to the recording and it was not long enough. Luckily I had added more on the kitchen TV, we saw the end of the show. Really, adding 30 minutes was not enough? Letterman is right, how can they give an award for editing? Parts were really boring. I love Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin , but was not impressed with them as a hosts.

Bring back Bob Hope.

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