Tuesday, March 30, 2010


One of my favorite things to do is to read stories to my first graders. To bring a book to life is a great experience. I love to hear the children laugh, groan, giggle, go ewwwww; it is wonderful. I do all the voices, I show the pictures twice, I ask questions about the pictures, I have as much fun as the children.

Today I read one of my favorite books to them Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon. Yes, that name is familiar to the regular readers. Click here for the link to last year's blog about this book.

This book amazes me ever time I read it or think about it. You can hear a pin drop while I am reading. The children are awed by this book. They also are tickled by it. They love the thought of dragons eating the crunchy knights in armor. They scan the pictures and find things I haven't noticed. And they get the point of the story: we all are different but we can live together in peace.

Last year my niece, who used to teach elementary children, fell in love with this book. She bought the book. BUT not for her children, for her vegetarian husband. Gotta love that.

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