Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lobster Dinner

My last blog told you all about our shopping for crab, and buying lobsters instead.  This posting is all about fixing the lobsters.  We have cooked enough meals this week that we are figuring out what kitchen equipment Richard and Luis have.  Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them.


I thought we had a huge seafood pot. This one is taller and twice as heavy as ours.   Marty has water starting to boil.  There is a rack inside so the lobster will not sit in the water.


When we got home Marty put them in the refrigerator to sedate them.  And a few minutes before steaming them, they went into the freezer.


Out of the bag, and soon into the pot.


One and one half pounds of goodness into the pot.  Three others joined him.


Plated and ready to have the band cut off the claw.


Lobster dinner for 4:  Lobster, tossed salad, toasted baguettes, clarified butter, lemons, and wine.  Well, one beer.


This is a close up of one place setting.  It was a simple meal and fairly healthy. 

This was so yummy and satisfying.  The lobster were not too large, so no feeling of being stuffed.  Lovely meal.  And really, lobster for $5.99?  Thank you lobsters for being for prolific this year.  May the low prices last a long time.  We do love lobster.

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