Sunday, September 30, 2012

Deep Fryer, Cobbler, and Scorpion

The title may sound like a mish mash, but it all came together at the same meal.

The guys had made a Costco run and bought blackberries.  Marty had told them that I made a great cobbler. 

Richard has been wanting a 12 cup deep fryer by Presto. He found the one he wanted Saturday. 

The scorpion, well we have seen a couple.  One in my bathroom, another one in the living room.  These make me nervous.


This is the first one Marty killed.  It is about 3 inches long.

Now to our story.  Saturday was our turn to cook.  I made the blackberry cobbler.


You might notice, it was cooked in a Bundt pan.  I needed a 3 quart round deep pan.  All of Richard’s pans were too big, too small, shallow, square, or rectangle.  So I improvised, and it worked perfectly.

I also made my famous Sloppy Joes.  They are ground beef, celery, onion, garlic, and tons of thinly sliced mushrooms.  Of course lots of seasonings too.


I hate cleaning stoves, so the whole top is covered with foil. 

Marty inaugurated the deep fryer.  He made us French Fries for supper.


Oil is heating.  We are in the outdoor kitchen.


Almost hot enough.


In go the potatoes.  Sorry about the glaring light.  But it nighttime and Marty had to see what he was doing.


Salting and then they will be lowered into the oil.


There they go.

We had a lovely dinner by candlelight on the patio.  I was congratulated on my gourmet Sloppy Joes.  But Panchito was upset.  The little dog kept running to the steps to the pool, and was starting to bark and carry on.  It was his, “Kill it, bad thing, kill it now!” bark.  Marty used his flashlight app and he and Luis went to look.  Panchito had found another scorpion.  Marty had to kill it, Luis was barefooted.


One squashed scorpion.  That IPhone flash really lit up the step.  More bug spraying to come.  Trust me, no one is going barefoot in the dark any more.

After the excitement, we sat down and had our warm cobbler with vanilla ice cream.  The night was clear and the lights on the mountains were beautiful.  We had fireworks again, but this time we only could hear them and see a bright flash.  They were behind a mountain.

It was a fun evening with good food if I do say so myself.  Maybe I could have done without the excitement of another scorpion.  But all in all, a lovely dinner.

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Anonymous said...

You need to go all Bear Grylls and incorporate the scorpions into the Sloppy Joes next time, Janjet.