Saturday, November 16, 2013

And the doorbell rang

Marty  and I have been waiting all week for the doorbell to ring.  We were waiting for a special ring, then a quick knock on the door.  That is the signal that UPS has dropped a package.  And just what was that package you ask.

Our order from Broadbent's.

Such wonderful things inside the box.  Country sausage, ham hocks, ground country ham, seasoning pieces, country bacon . . .

 and cooked sliced country ham!
Of course we had to have some quality control.  What if it wasn't good?  How could I serve this over the holidays without checking first? 
Marty beginning the inspection process.
He carefully selects slices for us to inspect.
Of course the test would involve hot homemade biscuits.
Let quality control begin.
The ham passed all our tests.  Great aroma, incredible taste, great satisfaction.  You just can't beat Broadbent's hams.  The other products will have to be inspected soon.
Now for those of you thinking, but she can't eat this type of food anymore.  The doctor said every now and then I could have bacon and other non heart healthy food. Also I did not go crazy eating hot biscuits.  I had two small ones and ate most of my ham with a fork.  Well, there was some just picking it up and gobbling it down.

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