Saturday, November 30, 2013


Tuesday night we drove into the City to have dinner.  Ann and Hank took us to one of our favorite restaurants, Hyde Street Seafood House and Raw Bar.  Yes that is a mouthful.  The food is great, service incredible, parking a bitch.  The drive into the City was spectacular.

I told you the drive was spectacular.  We are on the new span and on the left is the old bridge they will be tearing down.

Again, reading menus.  Through the years Marty and I have had nearly everything they have.  You can't go wrong.  

I am now the official designated driver.  Stupid medicine really limits my alcohol intake.  I got off the bridge at Treasure Island and we took pictures of the lights of the bridge and of San Francisco. 

Marty took over driving and went to the backside of Treasure Island.  We were below the new span.  It was incredible to see the bridge at this angle. 

Thanksgiving Day lots of cooking went on.  We had dishes that we always have and dishes that Hank and Ann have.  Lots of good eats.

Making country ham puffs for an appetizers.  So good and awful to make.  Very sticky dough. 

We have no dining room, but our bedroom is huge.  It became the dining room.

Shrimp salad

Marty taking up his home made rolls.

Serving table 

Let the eating begin

Hank having cherry pie with lots of whipped cream.

After a busy day cooking and cleaning up, time to watch a movie.

This morning we took Ann and Hank to the airport at 4:30!  Thank goodness we are only 10 minutes away from the Oakland Airport.  We were back in bed before 5:00.  It has been a wonderful fun week.  When they come to visit we do have fun.  Hank and I drive Ann and Marty bonkers talking about our strange childhood.  We then talk about their grandchildren, our pretend grandchildren.  We eat great food, and some people got to drink lots of great wines.  I did have some champagne and a couple of glasses of wine through out the week.  

I am so blessed Hank (always Henry Hall to me) and Ann like to come visit us. Love you both. 

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