Sunday, November 24, 2013


In about two hours my brother and his wife arrive from Kentucky.  They will be here all week, so normal posts, whatever that means, won't happen.  We have one plan set in stone and the rest of the week will be what feels like fun or is most relaxing.

Tomorrow Little Brother is treating us to lunch on the Wine Train.  Tuesday we may visit a Japanese Garden and have supper at the food trucks in San Leandro.  We hope to go to San Francisco once, also to stop at Treasure Island and watch the light show on the new Bay Bridge.  Some days we may just sit, read, and sip good wine. ( I received permission from the Anti-coagulant Clinic to have one glass of wine a day this week!) And of course one night we will cook some Dungeness Crab.

As I have time I will post what we are doing, and probably bore you with lots of pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  I truly feel thankful.  I lived, I am doing really well, and I have excellent health insurance. 

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