Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weddings, we have weddings

I had several weddings Monday morning.  Some stand out, some were a blur.

My first couple were two men. They were dressed in shades of blue.  Their ties were of the same material, one bow tie one regular tie.  They were so thrilled and overwhelmed at being allowed to marry.  We had tears and laughter.  When they  asked me to stand between them for pictures I could feel one groom's heart pounding.  He was very emotional.

The next couple were interesting.  The groom was changing clothes and took forever.  While we waited I talked to the bride.  She was originally from Green County, Kentucky. She talked about helping to set tobacco when only 7 years old. Then as she watched her brother cut tobacco she dreaded being old enough to do such hard labor.   It was nice talking to someone whose accent was thicker than mine.  I wish her luck with this marriage.  She is 33 years old has an 18 year od son and this is her fourth marriage.

Another couple also had Kentucky ties.  It was like old home week.  The groom's father was from Owensboro, Kentucky and the witness was from Lexington, Kentucky.  We all agreed the weather is so much better in the Bay Area.  We also like earthquakes better than tornadoes. 

I had two same sex couples who were witnessing for each other.  They were friends, the women from Colorado and the men from The Bay Area.  They were all older in their fifties and sixties.  And so much fun.  The men were terrible flirts and I loved it.  Safe flirting is always fun.  They declared me hot and wanted to take me home.  That perked up my day.

Now for the wedding that was the talk of the day.  Clerks kept coming to my desk and telling me about the bride.  They were all horrified.  I thought they have to be over reacting.  NOPE, she was something.  She almost had on bright blue hot pants.  I have underpants that cover more than her hot pants.  Camel toe in the front and butt cheeks hanging out.  Her socks were blue and white "Where's Waldo socks" that were above the knees.  She had on a headband that was a giant gold bow with sequins on it. She finished the look with a Tee Shirt and a heavy multicolored cardigan.   And the bride made sure all could enjoy her body.  She sat on the bench with her legs pulled to her chest.  Butt cheeks everywhere.

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