Monday, November 11, 2013

Last Monday's Weddings

I just realized I never posted about the weddings last week.  Sorry about that.  It was a slow day, which I sort of liked.  With the weddings spaced out, I didn't get so tired.

There were some good looking clothes on the men and the women:
One bride wore a cream colored crocheted sheath with little cap sleeves.  It was very simple yet elegant at the same time.  The dress had rows of design that were about 4 inches tall.  Each row met up perfectly at every seam. That dress cost big bucks.

Another bride wore a sleeveless sheath dress that was heavy brocade with a black trim at the hemline and black mesh from the top of the bust to her neck.  The brocade design was tiny silver and gold squares.   Her groom wore a blue shirt and tie with a grey vest and grey slacks. He wore grey lizard pointy toe shoes.  They were stunning.

One couple each wore black slacks  and white shirts.  At first I thought very casual, and then I looked again.  She wore a black shrug over her shirt.  When she turned the back was lace.  His plain white shirt had a surprise too.  The buttons down the front, on the cuffs, and on the pockets had tiny tiny brilliants around the edge.  Not gaudy, you had to look twice to realize they were there.

My favorite wedding of the day was for two men.  This was a destination wedding.  They were from Florida and had wanted to be married in San Francisco City Hall.  Now that is a fabulous venue, but it  is almost impossible to get an appointment.  There is often a 6 weeks waiting period or more, and then you wait a month or more to get your certified copy of the license.  They called all over the Bay Area and studied options on the Internet.  They picked us for the services we offer.

When they saw our lovely wedding room they were blown away.  It is a pretty room.

Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern art

 Rich wood paneling and pews
The men asked if they could use their own vows, and I of course said yes.  One man's vows were very sweet and personal.  But the other man had me in tears.  He said he couldn't sing, but he had written a song.  Then he sang it and the words were so loving.  These men were so amazed at how nice, how caring, how special people at Alameda County made their wedding.  They hugged me over and over before they left.  They kept thanking me for giving them such a wonderful wedding.
I am proud of our clerks for their caring and kindness to our two grooms.  I'm so glad we all made a special day for a couple who could not marry in their home state.  And I  am so glad that in doing this special wedding, we did our routine jobs.  We care about all who want a special wedding.

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Vallery Feldman said...

Thanks for showing photos of the actual room. It is very lovely. I like the quilt-very appropriate.