Friday, November 22, 2013

Is it school or is it traffic reports?

It seems as if lately here and on Facebook I am reporting on traffic more and more.  Tuesday I made good time  to Kaiser School.  For the first time in years and years HWY 13 was not backed up getting onto HWY 24. That was because the new bore for the Caldecott Tunnel was finally open, two tunnels both ways.  Great joy!  Then I arrived at school. 

I drive around the circle and turn in the staff lot driveway where the handicap parking is.  A parent has pulled in blocking the spot and is letting her child out.  A huge no no.  She should be in the drop off lane in the circle.  The child gets out, hits the car with his lunch box and his food spills out.  He picks it up, then drops his backpack. Finally he has everything and walks down the no child zone and gets on the walkway. 

And dumb sh*t Mama, she starts backing up.  I am going to let her hit me rather than me backing out of the way where there are other cars and children in a crosswalk.  She sees me before she hits and pulls up and tries to turn around.  Why isn't she driving to the staff lot and turning around?  I squeeze into the handicap spot and am out of her way.  She realizes there isn't room to turn around, so she backs out the driveway where children and parents are crossing.  Can you say idiot?

I talked to the school secretary about this.  She said it was perfect timing.  That morning Oakland police were coming to look at safety issues on campus.  She added backing out of the driveway to the list. 

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