Monday, November 25, 2013

Wine Train

Today we rode the Wine Train.   I thought it would be fun, but it was way more than that.  It was a delightful, lovely, gracious day.  I want to go back tomorrow.  Please, please . . .

WARNING: Lots and lots of pictures.  Some pictures are good, some almost so.  Lots of sun coming through the dome (yes we were in the Dome Car ) and washed out colors, also trains rock and roll. 

Hank, Ann, and Marty at the entrance of the train station
We are waiting to board the train.  Bottomless coffee for all except me.
Oh no!  The Wine Train crashed through the window.  What to do?
Our hero stopped the Wine Train with one hand!
 Studying the menu.  We ordered and after devouring the appetizers we realized no one took any pictures. 
Apple salad with endive, gorgonzola cheese, Hazelnuts, and mustard vinaigrette
Ann and Marty had swordfish with shrimp.  The sauce was fabulous.  I loved the taste Marty shared with me.
 Henry and I had Beef Tenderloin, carrots, spinach, and grits with truffles.  YUMMY!
Yes, we licked the platter clean.
We ordered 3 different desserts and shared.
 Cheese cake
Crème Brulee
Chocolate Pot Pie, served warm.  This was the winner three to one.  Ann loved her cheesecake best.
Our server, Gerald, the best ever.  He told us history of the  Napa Valley, what wineries we were passing.  And the service was perfect, gracious, outstanding.  When you make your reservations for the Dome car, ask to be in Gerald's section.
Don't we look happy?  We had a great time.  Thank you Little Brother and Ann.

For the worry warts, no I did not eat that much food.  No bread, just a little of the sauces, none of the cheese, and only one glass of wine.  I did eat every bite of the grits with truffles.

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