Friday, November 8, 2013

I am an idiot.

Now I can say I'm an idiot, but no one else can or I will cry.  Today Marty is working a convention in San Francisco.  He rode BART into the city and glory glory, I have the car.  This is a big deal.  We have one car and I rarely get it because he works and I don't.  I don't need a car that often, but I miss having the freedom to just go when I want to. 

I dropped him at BART and went to the library.  No rush to get the car back to him as usual.  Then I remembered we needed milk and a couple of other things.  I decided to go to the grocery.  We didn't need much and I would be able to carry it up our 26 steps.  Marty does 95% of our grocery shopping, again he has the car.  Plus he likes to shop and I hate it.  So I am being lovely and nice to him by buying milk.

I get to the strip mall where our Safeway is.  No handicap parking is available.  I can walk pretty good now, so I just start looking for any parking.  After three trips around the lot and down pretty far from the store, no empty spaces.   I decide to go to another store not far from us.  As I pull out of the lot, I see an empty space across the street.  It isn't too far to carry the milk, so I park and head back to Safeway.  Saying in my head, Milk, Milk, Milk. . .

I head to the dairy section and they are moving displays around and I can't easily get to the milk.  So I check out the clearance in the meat section.  Yay, scored 50% off on ground beef.  Then I found some low fat low sodium cheese.  I am such a happy girl.  I walked through out the store reading labels and putting food back.  Low fat is easy, try finding low sodium anything.  I check out and walk back to the car.  I get  home and put up the little I bought and realize . . .

I forgot to buy milk! 



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