Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wounded by Dem Bones

Tuesday we  made it to Kaiser School by the hardest.  Bay Area traffic is becoming a nightmare.  Everyday we have huge back ups. usually because a truck has jack knifed, hit something, or spilled their load. I have a thought, no trucks during rush-hours. Sounds good, well that really wouldn't work.  Rush hour is from 4 A.M. to maybe 9:30 and starts again at 3 P.M. to 7.  That doesn't leave much time for the trucks.  I guess the traffic is the cost of living in such a wonderful area.

Now to what happened at school.  I walked myself into the ground.  Lots of going from desk to desk, and then back again.  Hands went up for help and I was there.  This time I went to the children instead of them coming to me.  After recess we did a math assessment test.

I put up dividers on each 4 student desk.  Then I put pencils and erasers out.   We began the test and the real walking began.  While Ms. H read problems and gave directions, I walked from child to child to be sure they were on the correct page, on the correct problem, not working  ahead, seeing that they were doing the problems, making sure they weren't copying answers.   Lots of walking.  This was way over my 30 minutes exercise per day.  I was tired but didn't have any health issues.

After the test I read to the children.  Again an informational book, yet fun.  The book was Dem Bones by Bob Barner.  Do check out Barner's link.  It is a great website. The book teaches about the human skeleton.  As I was reading to the children the book attacked me.  They will do that sometimes, the pages stick together and when you slide them apart, PAPER CUT!  Wounded by a wonderful book.  Proof of the wound . . .

Is this not the greatest Band Aid?  Never again plan brown or flesh colored Band Aids for me.  I want polka dots, flowers, Disney characters.

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