Sunday, November 17, 2013

No Ms. H

Tuesday, yes I am a little slow getting to this, Ms. H was out for a meeting.  So we had a sub.  I really didn't want to get up early Tuesday, but I had promised to show up.  Ms. H had asked me to check all the homework packets and to help out the sub.  So I went.

I hadn't met this sub before and she was new to Ms. H.  I watched her closely (to report back to Ms. H).  The sub was pretty good.  She gave clear instructions, had control of the class, and kept them busy. 

The class had library for the first time on Tuesday.  I stayed in the library to help control the kids, and to help them find books.  The sub did do something that tickled me  just a little.  While the librarian was explaining how to use the library, the sub took the only chair  (in that part of the library) and sat down.  The twenty something sat and the 70 year old stood. 

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