Monday, April 13, 2009


I volunteer in a first grade classroom. I do pretty much anything Ms. H wants me to do. Check papers, sort the week's classwork alphabetically and assemble it to go home.I work one on one in any subject that a child needs help.

Today I was lucky enough to read an incredible book to the class. There has not been a book read this year that captured the attention of this class as this book did. These are lovely children, just a little busier than most. We have the bouncers, the can't sit stills, the talkers, the stir it up ones, we have children with the attention span of a gnat. This is a difficult class to control and to get to listen at the same time. This book did it.

Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon is beautifully illustrated, written so well, and has a purpose. The purpose is to show we can have different life styles and still be friends. It is probably not PC. It talks about dragons that eat pretty princesses. And the dragons love to eat knights in their crunchy armor. It shows a dragon about to be beheaded. It talks about war. The children loved it. They all sat and listened, they answered questions, they begged for the pictures to be shown again. They were enthralled. And I loved the story too.

Check out the website. Read the first two chapters. Click to see more pictures, play the song. If you have primary age children or grandchildren, this is a book to buy.

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Lisa said...

HA! Too cute - I ordered it for Chris for our anniversary :)