Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fun Day Happy Day

Lately there has been a lot of stress and unhappiness in our lives.  One of the big things is my mother had pneumonia and was in the hospital.  Then she wasn’t doing that well after she came home.  This week she fell and cracked her femur.  She is out of the hospital and now in a rehab center. 

Mother turned 95 today.  Spending such a big birthday in a rehab center in awful pain is not a nice day.  She is a little old to bounce right back.  I have had that worry from 3000 miles away. Do you go home, do you wait until it gets worse?  Do we keep putting everything on my brother and his wife?

Then the economy sucks and we worry if Marty can ever retire.  Friends are having sickness, money problems,  lost jobs.  A lot of unhappiness out there.

I told Marty we needed a happy day, a day of fun.  We were to dump the budget, forget about all the worries and have nothing but fun/happiness.  I had squirreled away some money and said we are going to spend money like we have it for one day.  So we did.

We went to lunch at a great seafood restaurant.  We ordered food that wasn’t healthy, that was expensive, and we loved it. 

fun day bloody mary
We began with Bloody Mary’s.  We could have made Bloody Mary’s for a lot of people for what 2 cost us.   But hey, we weren’t to worry about cost.
fun day oysters
Marty had oysters.  Later I have the menu of the restaurant and you can see the cost of our meal.
                                            fun day calamari
Fried calamari one of my favorites.  Marty and I shared this.  Some of the tentacles were too large for my comfort level.  Those are the ones he got.
fun day fish
Marty loves fish and chips.  This was beer battered.
fun day shrimp
My entrée, beer battered shrimp. 

We ate at the Yankee Pier in Lafayette, Ca.  All of the food was excellent.  Maybe the best tartar sauce ever. Our server was outstanding.  Would we go back?  Yes, in a heart beat.

After our wonderful meal we drove around and then Marty had an appointment.  He did his thing and I read a book waiting for him.  We came home took naps and then had pizza for supper.

Did we succeed in having a happy day?  We did.  Stress level is down, even if our cholesterol level is now sky high.  

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