Friday, April 27, 2012

Sweet Weddings/Strange Wedding

Monday there were other weddings than the one with the CFH.   There were two very nice weddings and then the strange one.

The bride wore a black and white striped dress.  She had on a gorgeous pewter necklace that was her something borrowed.  On her left arm were lots of blue bangle bracelets. This couple was so happy, thrilled, excited.  I did the Do you take this woman as your wife.  The groom said yes.  Then to the bride I said Do you and that is as far as I got.  The Bride yelled yes.  A very eager happy bride.

The next couple were both in the Coast Guard.  They were excited and thrilled to be marrying.  Their witness was even more excited than the couple.  She had three camera phones to capture the memory.  One was set up for video, the other two she was clicking away every second.  She was almost bouncing she was so happy for them.   As I left them to get their certified copy of the license, the groom grabbed me and hugged me.  Made me cry.

Now to the last wedding of the day.  The groom was born in 1917.  The bride was born in 1967.  I’ll wait for you to settle down. 

He was hard of hearing and I nearly had to shout to talk to him.  He was mentally sharp so no reason to not let them marry.  He wasn’t even on a walker.  Pretty spry for a 94 year old.   She was fairly attractive, very attentive to him, she seemed really fond of him.  He seemed really fond of her.  They were joking and acting like people who belong together.

I did the ceremony and as I was signing the license, she said, “You haven’t asked why we are doing this.”  I told her that it was none of my business.  She continued and said, “Taxes.  Taxes.  The gift tax is 40%.  If we are married the taxes are much much less.” 

I still don’t really have an ending to this story.  I have made up possible stories.  He has no family.  She takes care of him, she might as well get his estate.  Or, she is a conniving gold digger and it taking him for all he has.  Or somewhere in the middle, they are fond of each other and he wants to see her taken care of.  I like that last one best.

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