Monday, April 9, 2012

How we spent number 45

Yesterday was our 45th wedding anniversary.  It also was Easter.  Marty was Elder and did a great communion meditation.  After church we had brunch at a Mexican restaurant.  As we ate we discussed what we would do to celebrate.  We voted down going out to eat that night.

Through the years we tried going out, but there was always something to stop us:  curfews because of race riots, 6 months pregnant and a broken foot, baby had a reaction to vaccination, small child had bronchitis/pneumonia every April for 7 years, transferred to California and couldn’t afford to go out, family commitments, conflicts with school and jobs, and on and on.

We found out we liked staying home and cooking together.  So yesterday we went shopping.


We bought two Dungeness Crab.


Into the pot to steam.


Ice bath to stop the cooking and get them ready to pick.


While I took a Sunday nap, Marty started picking the crab.  And he took the picture for you all.


We are making Crab Cakes and Avocado Salsa.  The shrimp will be chopped up and become the binder in the crab cakes.


As we worked we had some Champagne.


Popping the cork.


Let the celebration begin!


Marty shaping the crab cakes.  This is a very expensive shaper.  It is a can with the ends cut off.  Perfect.


Dinner is served.


A close up of the crab cakes and salsa. 

We had a lovely day together.  Cooking together is one of our favorite things.  Marty made the crab cakes and I made the salsa.   For dessert we had Hershey Kisses.  It seemed appropriate. 


T. Walker said...

Sounds like a perfect evening. Interested in your crab cake recipe. Never heard of using shrimp as a binder but bet it is good.

Anonymous said...

Is your crab cake recipe a secret, or would you share it? Loved the blog today. Nice laid back way to celebrate.

Janet A said...

Marty says he will post it. He will have to get it in a real recipe. He took a couple of recipes and made them his own. Give him a couple of days to refine the recipe.

German Village Mom said...