Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bright colors, cute kids, weddings

As I walked into the lobby of the County Building, I heard a yell, “Janet’s here!”  Before I had my purse in the drawer, I was handed a marriage license.  It seems the morning had been busy.  And remember they are down several clerks.  Two are out on maternity leave, one is cross training in another department, and no replacements.  I could feel the love for the volunteer.

The first couple were in their  early 50’s.  Her adorable grandson was standing with them.  He was holding a Woody doll.  He held Woody up to me and said, “Woody is very brave.”  He was not a beautiful child, his face was all pointy angles, but he was an All American Little Boy. He had a grin from ear to ear, freckles on his nose.  He could have been the little boy in Toy Story.   I fell in love with him.  Oh, we had a nice wedding for the grandparents.

The next couple were Chinese.  The bride's outfit felt very traditional: silk, flowered patterned in browns and grays. Her jacket was cream colored with gray trim.  But it also was very modern.  After the ceremony one of the witnesses said the room was amazing and this was the best Vegas wedding outside of Vegas.

The next wedding the bride wore a short, white, Grecian dress and red suede ankle strap heels.  The back of the heels had zippers. She carried red roses. He wore a dark suit and wore a red rose boutonnieres.  Her two little girls had on white dresses with red sashes and red hem borders with red shoes.  Her two sons had on blue pants, shirts, vests  and wore huge red roses boutonnieres.  His two daughters wore pale red dresses.  Guests all wore shades of red.  Yes, that was 6 children between them and she was pregnant.  

One more story.  Clerk Y brought me the license and I started checking it.  Everything looked fine, and then I looked again.  The bride had signed it with the name she was going to take AFTER she was married.  I took the license back to Y and she pitched a fit.  Y said, “I very clearly told her to sign with her present name!”  Reprint. This was a colorful wedding.  The groom and their little boy wore black slacks and vests with lavender shirts and ties.  Their daughter wore a turquoise  flower printed dress.  The bride had on an orange print dress.  I needed sun glasses.

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