Sunday, April 22, 2012

Well Dressed Brides and Grooms

Many of our couples are wearing street clothes, or sometimes not even that dressy.  We  have couples who do not plan to marry the day they buy their license.  They get to the county building and go, why not?  Let’s do it while we are here.  But sometimes we have a day like Wednesday.

Every wedding the couples were dressed for the occasion.  From as simple as a white cotton strapless sundress to a lace wedding dress.

The cotton dress bride looked adorable.  The dress had a wide ruffle around the hemline. She had a wide brown leather belt and matching sandals.  She carried beige roses wrapped with brown satin ribbon.  The groom wore a green complexion and a cold sweat.  After the ceremony the groom recovered and was fine. 

One bride wore a short, heavy lace dress. It was the palest of pale yellows.  She wore matching lace heels.

Another bride wore a strapless black and white floral dress.  It had a full skirt and may have had crinolines under it.  She wore a bright red belt and red heels.  The groom wore a light brown suit.  He was so crisp and debonair looking.

As I was taking the above couple into the marriage desk to get their certified copy of the license, another wedding party moved into the wedding room.  They were with a commissioner who does Spanish ceremonies.  They looked at me and said, “We want her to do our ceremony.  English will be fine.”  Now that was just weird and a little rude.  But we think we know why they dumped Clerk T.  She is in her early 20s and looks like she is 16.  We think they wanted a “mature” person for the ceremony.  So I took over.

The bride wore a silk suit that was a pale silver.  It had a ruffle around the neck almost down to the waist.  She had a button in fake blouse that matched the suit.  The groom wore a black suit.  The ceremony went well, but then I couldn’t get them out of the room.  I told them I had another couple to bring in,(true) and they left the room.  I told the couple to get their certified copy from the marriage desk.  They all turned around and went back into the wedding room.  I left, and went for the next couple, hoping I wouldn’t have to deal with them later.

The last couple was stunningly good looking, and cute as a button at the same time.  The groom was in a darkish blue suit.  His hair was his crowning glory.  Dark almost curly hair. A little longish, just past the ears.  And it was spiked in a few place.  One curl here, one curl there just barely pulled out.  OK, I wanted to take him home.  But the county  frowns on that.

The bride wore a white suit with a white sequined top.  On her head was a feathered flower a little bigger that a saucer.  It was similar to this.  Every woman who saw it, wanted it.  Every time the bride moved, the little feathers would rise up and down.  It was like a graceful dance.  The bride carried yellow roses and many of the guests carried bouquets of yellow flowers, including her father.

A lovely day of beautiful weddings.  Another day of making people happy.

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