Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weddings, Bubbles, Divorces

Monday was fairly busy at the Marriage Factory.  When I arrived at the county building the lobbies were full.  Yes, business other than weddings does go on there.  But I saw fancy dresses and flowers, big clue to an in-house ceremony.

Two couples, everyone had been divorced twice.  That would be 8 divorces between 4 people. And they are going for wedding number three.  No one had been divorced more that a few weeks.  They were young enough that none of them could have been separated very long before filing for divorce.  This is not judging them.  Just if you don't do marriage well, take a little time before jumping in again.

The bride was Caucasian and the groom was Asian.  He had a traditional Chinese name.  She wanted to take his name EXCEPT she was afraid people would think she was Asian. That seems a little racist yet she is marrying an Asian.  Makes you think.  After changing her mind several times, and a couple of reprints she did take his name.

The bride wore a short, strapless, ruched dress.  It was white, it was tight, really tight.  So tight that we had rolls of back fat pushed up. The couple wanted their three year old daughter to stand with them, and she did for about 2 minutes.  The little girl wore a white eyelet dress.  She found a use for those little holes in her dress.  If you remember we have a wedding arch with tiny white lights that the couples stand under.  The little girl stood and pushed her dress' eyelet holes over the lights and pulled  them off.  Then she would push another eyelet hole over a light and repeat.  Neither the dress nor the lights were hurt in the making of this marriage.

There were other weddings that day but only one is blog worthy.  The bride wore a long chiffon dress.  It was a bluish silver color and had soft tiers.  Each tier was several inches longer and hung from a couple of inches in front.  It was mainly tiered on the sides and back.  It was very floaty and lovely.  She wore silver sandals, a white flower in her hair, and diamond earrings and necklace. Yes, I am sure they were diamonds.  The groom wore a dark blue suit, blue shirt, and silver tie.  Lots of happy laughing family and friends.

After the ceremony the mother of the bride told me she had brought bubbles.  Could they blow bubbles while taking pictures?  I told her we didn't allow bubbles in the wedding room.  But I love bubbles, get them out.  She had brought a bubble gun but didn't know how to operate it.  I was itching to get my hands on it.  She finally got a few bubbles out, but it wasn't working right.  Her three year old grandson asked to use it.  He pulled the trigger and presto, a constant stream of bubbles.  We had hundreds of bubbles. I wanted a turn.  I remembered that I was the county rep in the room and so didn't ask.  So pretty, so fun.  Oh well, I would wait until I got home and play with my own bubble machines.

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